Many people find themselves confused about how to handle an unexpected expense. Some people have to sell their belongings to cater to their needs while others look for different sources to borrow money. You can avoid all this if you are disciplined about saving. You can use the amount that you save to cater to the expense so that you don’t have to give up a valuable belonging. If you are yet to create a savings account, here are some of the ways you can use to gain money cash.

Consider selling your phone. If you have an extra phone, you can sell it out quickly and get the money you need for an unexpected expense. Different sites make it easy for you to sell your phone such as Gazelle and Swappa. If you have a tablet or MP3 player, you can consider selling it instead of giving up your phone. If you need quick cash that is more than the value of your phone, you can pawn something more valuable.

Pawn something that you can afford to lose since this acts as collateral in case you don’t pay back the pawnshop loan. This method of borrowing is, however, safer compared to others since it does not affect your credit report in any way. Some of the items that people use as collateral for pawnshop loans include musical instruments, jewelry, or electronics.

You should also consider trying short term work where you receive payment at the end of the job. For instance, you can try housekeeping or driving passengers to different destinations. Sometimes, you may have to ask for help from others. Consider applying for a community loan if you need quick cash to cover your rent or pay for other utilities. Some of the community centers offer small loans to people.

If you have a good boss, you should consider asking for an advance on your next salary. An advance may not cost you any additional fees and is easy to get. If you don’t tend to borrow, your employer may not have a problem with giving you an advance on your salary. Some of the companies also offer helpful loans to their employees to help them in times of need.

You can also apply for a one-hour payday loan from rlraj. This is easy to get since is it takes limited time to acquire. Ensure you have a proper plan to repay this loan since it come at high-interest rates, which can make it quite expensive. Apart from borrowing loans, you should look for other ways to increase income. For instance, renting out a room can help you bring in more cash. If you have an additional room that you barely use, consider renting it out to someone looking for living space. You can also reduce your rent by finding a roommate to share space in an apartment. Reducing how much you spend monthly can also help you free some of your funds for emergencies.